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SKP Washers

Shelter Structures America & SKP 

SKP washers are represented by Shelter Structures America in the United States.


SKP  is your specialist for cleaning tarpaulins, tent fabrics, floor panels and side wall elements. We also offer you cleaning solutions for chairs, tables as well as drying solutions and water recycling machines. SKP GmbH is also the right choice if you are looking for solutions to clean small components within the range of ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing. Furthermore we produce extra-systems in the field of measuring, barrel finishing and plating. Our machines are completely manufactured in Germany and they are in use worldwide.

Tent Washer – Technical data

  • Wash width 6,200 mm
  • Throughput/h: 300 – 550 m²
  • Adjustable washing speed
  • Electrical injection pump for detergent and wax
  • Transport carriage system
  • Pneumatic clamping system
  • 2 high performance ventilator with an airflow of 2 m³/sec
  • Automatic keder guidance for 5-meter tarpaulins
  • Outer keder guidance for 5- and 6-meter tarpaulins
  • Power connection: 400V/63A 50Hz – depending on options
  • Compressed-air connection: 7 bar
  • Water connection: 3 bar
  • Power consumption: approx. 7 KW – depending on options
  • Water consumption: approx 0.7 ltr/m²
  • Weight: approx. 3,800 kg
  • Measurements (L x H x W): 8.60m x 3.20m x 4.00m

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The automated solution for installing roof sheets in Clear Span Structures. The tentmaster offers you: time savings, top flexibility, smaller teams for the installation, enormous cost savings, protection of the material, ideal for narrow spaces on the festival compound, best handling and convenience, light and compact construction and better customer service.


The tentmaster is made for tent rental companies of all sizes. This device has enormous benefits. The tarpaulin can be pulled in automatically, easy and fast by pushing a button. It only needs two people and you can use your saved time for other work. This enables you a better customer service and increases your capacity to compete.

The tentmaster is an innovation. We are convinced that the tentmaster will pay off in your business within short time. With the tentmaster you are prepared for the future and you are one step ahead of your competitors.


Temporary Facilities

Temporary Facilities

Shelter Structures America provides temporary facilities for many different markets.

Hotels, resorts, sports fields and golf clubs utilize Shelter Clearspan Tent Structures throughout the entire year.

Hotels and Country Clubs
Semi-permanent structures enable hotel, resort and country club managers to increase their ballroom, meeting and
convention space without having to go though major capital investments or worse, turn additional
business down. Our climate-controlled structures ensure your guests are comfortable no matter what the weather.
And enhancements such as ceiling liners, cathedral windows, glass walls and doors, can turn a parking lot or a barren plot of land into an elegant five-star resort.

Sports Facilities and Fields

Semi-permanent structures enable sports facilities and fields to increase their skyboxes, shade structures and catering facilities without investing significant money in permanent facilities.  For use during renovations or for a seasonal solution – Shelter Structures America can provide a structure for your tenting needs.  Custom solutions with glass walls, HVAC and doors for skyboxes to sideline shade structures will enhance you facility.

Shelter provides the safest and most cost effective space solutions for sports facilities.  Tent Structures can be used to cover your tennis courts, football fields, basketball courts, swimming pools, paddle court cover, cricket court or ice rinks.

Warehouse Structures

Warehouse Structures

Shelter Structures America provides its Clearspan products to industrial and warehouse markets throughout the world.

From a temporary facility to a semi-permanent structure Shelter provides several product lines to this industry.  The TFS, L-Series and Polygon series are the products of choice for longer term applications.

Temporary & modular warehouse structures are used widely in industrial and military industries. With their outstanding features: relocatable construction, flexible capacity, rapid installation – Temporary Warehouse Structures provide a quick solution for the best price.

Temporary Warehouse Structures are Economical

Temporary Warehouse Structures can save you thousands in warehouse costs.  With modular design, standardized components and efficient installation techniques – Shelter warehouses can be set up in rapid manner to meet your needs. Shelter has built thousands of square meters as a warehouse and workshop for Foxconn.

Frame Systems of Temporary Warehouse Structures

The heavy-duty frame system plays an important role in the safety of the warehouse tent. Shelter’s warehouse frame is made with hard pressed aluminum alloy. Compare with traditional steel tent, aluminum frame structures can be more stable and durable in bad climates. The hardness of the Aluminum alloy 6061/T6 frame reaches 15HW. Each aluminum component is connected by steel connections – the life span of warehouse frame can last over 20 years.

Professional Wall Systems & Roof Covers of Temporary Warehouse Structures

Standard PVC Sidewall is utilized for seasonal products or promotion goods. For a longer term or high value products Solid Sidewalls are used – ABS, Sandwich and Steel.

  • PVC Fabric Side Walls – Waterproof, UV resistant
  • ABS Solid Wall – Chemical material resistant, strong hardness, lightweight, scratch-resistant.
  • Sandwich Panel – Climate-control features, scratch-resistant
  • Steel – Security, scratch-resistant
  • Thermo Inflatable PVC Gable & Roofs – Heat resistant, UV resistant, waterproof




9m PGA G-series

Special Event Structures

Special Event Structures

Shelter Clearspan Tent Structures are used throughout the industry for many different market segments.

The Special Event Market is the market segment which involves tent rental companies, marketing companies, end users, caterers, hotels, wedding venues, country clubs and production companies.

Shelter provides products to all these markets throughout the world.  Some of the largest Tent Rental companies count on Shelter Structures America to be their provider of high quality and affordable clearspan tent products.

Marketing and production companies count on Shelter to provide custom structures to meet their clients needs – from custom sizes to special fabric – Shelter can manufacture whatever your client can dream.

Hotels, wedding venues and country clubs count on Shelter to provide outstanding products to use at their facilities – from seasonal to long term use – Shelter Structures America can provide you with the correct product to meet your needs.

From sports to your backyard – Shelter Structures America is the choice for Special Event Structures.


Affordable Clearspan Tent Structures

Shelter Structures America brings affordable clearspan tent structures to the US marketplace.

All of our tent structures are engineered to meet US regulations and codes.  Shelter products range from the small Pagoda style high peak tents and the G-series clearspan structures to the large L-series, Polygon and TFS styles of structures. Standard & custom tents are available in the industry standard A-frame design, Arch, Cube and JET designs of every size and shape.

Shelter products are affordable do to their lower manufacturing costs, efficient manufacturing processes and having lower overhead then their competition.

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