After reviewing the various methodologies in the marketplace to install tops – pulling with a crew or with a reach lift, SKP invented the TentMaster system for the installation of tent mids.  Our experience shows that pulling from one center point is not ideal and can easily lead to snagging and pulling with a reach lift often puts a lot of pressure on a cover and requires and experienced operator.

The TentMaster solves these issues with a duel winch system.  The system does not tie up expensive labor or heavy equipment.  While installing tops – your labor and your lifts can be working on accessories or even the next tent structure.  The TentMaster significantly improves workflow increasing productivity and profitability.

The TentMaster is made for clearspan tent installers and rental companies of small and big Clearspan Tent Structures.  This device has enormous benefits.   The mids can be pulled in automatically, easy and fast by pushing a button.

The TentMaster is an innovation. We are convinced that the TentMaster will pay off in your business within short time. With the TentMaster you are prepared for the future and you are one step ahead of your competitors.

Call us today (424) 254 9172 or message us – keith@www.shelterstructuresamerica.com for more information and pricing.


Shelter Structures America Inc. is the distributor of Shelter Tent Structures for the US, Canada and Mexico. We carry a wide range of clearspan tents including A-Frame Structures, Arch Structures, Cube Structures, TFS Structures and Custom Clearspan Tent Structures. Shelter worldwide employs over 200 full time tent professionals manufacturing one of the best clear span tent products the industry has to offer. To ensure the highest standards in tent structure production Shelter continuously invests in the most advanced manufacturing technology. This includes two CNC machines and digital fabric cutting systems. Shelter is ISO certified. Furthermore, our products are tested against the most rigorous standards such as the National Fire Protection Code or Building Codes for temporary structures.

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