Disaster Relief Tent Structures

Disaster Relief Tent Structures

Both Hurricane Harvey and Irma have left an insurmountable amount of damage to many cities within the Gulf Coast. Many homes, businesses an refineries have been critically damaged leaving people without power and shelter.

In these situations, immediate help is needed. At Shelter Structures America, we are trying to team up with companies and organizations to provide relief with our temporary clearspan tent structures. Disaster relief tent structures can be used as temporary warehousing, shelter for people without a home, and temporary workshops. With the Shelter product, you are able to put up structures on moments notice with minimal labor required. With the set up production being efficient, it helps people get the immediate relief they need. Each structure has the ability to be customized with doors, flooring systems, HVAC and lighting systems. Adding these accessories allow people to operate under the protection of a highly engineered temporary structure. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at swilson@www.shelterstructuresamerica.com

Disaster relief tent structures examples

M Series Warehouse 20m



 Shelter Structures America Inc. is the distributor of Shelter Tent Structures for the US, Canada and Mexico. We carry a wide range of clearspan tents including A-Frame Structures, Arch Structures, Cube Structures, TFS Structures and Custom Clearspan Tent Structures.

Shelter worldwide employs over 200 full time tent professionals manufacturing one of the best clear span tent products the industry has to offer. To ensure the highest standards in tent structure production Shelter continuously invests in the most advanced manufacturing technology. This includes two CNC machines and digital fabric cutting systems. Shelter is ISO certified. Furthermore, our products are tested against the most rigorous standards such as the National Fire Protection Code or Building Codes for temporary structures.

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