Greenhouse Structures

Greenhouse Structures

Shelter Structures America offers affordable and custom greenhouse structures designed for effective vegetable  growing. Our engineered structure systems provide a suitable space for growers to which include the following key aspects.

1). Irrigation – Our structure frames offer superior hanging load to accommodate for proper irrigation systems.

2). Lighting – Lighting systems can be installed through beam clamps attached to the frame for easy use and customizations. Shelter products make it easy for you to arrange proper lighting for your greenhouse facility.

3). HVAC and Temperature Control – Shelter has integrated HVAC solutions as well as insulation accessories to enhance your ability in maintaining optimal growing conditions.

4). Enhanced Security – Shelter Structures America offers multiple side walls and door options to offer enhanced security of your growing facility. Some of these options include hard plastic sides, insulated hard panel sides, double glass doors, and even high-speed roll-up doors for heavy equipment access.

5). Relocatable and Interchangeable Parts – Shelter products are easy to install/remove allowing you to relocate your growing facility as your needs change. Also, Shelter’s modular designed products allow you to interchange pieces of the structure including side walls, roof panels, doors as well as increasing the size of your existing structure.

Shelter Product Accessories:

Shelter Structures America offers a wide range of products that serve as an ideal Greenhouse Facility. Give us a call today for a free quote!

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