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SKP Tent Washing Machines
SKP Tent Washer – Best in the industry


SKP Tent Washing Machines from Shelter Structures America is the best flat panel tent washing system in the world.  It is the affordable solution to you all tenting washing needs. Built from quality Aluminum & Steel  the SKP Series of tent washers are the industry standard.  

SKP Tent Washing Machines come in 5 standard sizes in the PR- Series (automatic) and 5 standard sizes in the EC-Series (economy). The standard PR sizes are the PR3000, PR5000, PR6000, PR7000 and the PR8000.  The standard EC Sizes are the ECmobile, EC3000, EC5000, EC5300 and EC5500.  Both the PR and EC have a variety of options for every customer.  The options for the PR-Series:  

The options for the PR-Series:

  • V – Fully automatic : This option contains the start and get a coffee option. The machine is equipped with sensors in every point so as to the fabrics are getting rolled up and washed automatically. Also the winding up happens automatically and stops as soon as the fabric is up. This option offers a maximum of comfortability.
  • H-Semi-automatic: The semi-automatic option does not imply secure sensors  This machine rolls up automatically but you need to get the fabric in the washing position by hand. Afterwards it goes on automatically till drying. You set the maschine to the deposit position and wind up the fabric
  • G-Drying: This option is chosen by almost all of our customers. The fabric is going to be dried by a air duct automatically after the washing. The blowers achieve a high output and ensures a dry fabric. Merely the keder can only get dried with our drying machine (TA).
  • E-Endless: The endless option is for fabrics with special lengh. It assures a smooth process for fabrics from 50 meters length. Furthermore you can save time because the fabric gets delivered after washing and it is possible to start winding the new dirty fabric while the clean one is getting winded up (folding option). It is possible to clean fabrics up to 100 meters length.
  • W-Warm water cleaning: The warm water cleaning supports the cleaning of persistent dirt. The water gets heated up to 50 degrees and gets sprayed on the fabric automatically with the spraying bar.
  • P-Barrel pump for wax: The barrel pump chooses the right amount of wax to put on the fabric after the washing process. That causes a shine on the surface which is covered by a protection layer.
  • A-Top roller cleaning: The top roller cleaning is a developement of SKP GmbH caused by appeared problems. By reason that the top rollers get wet while winding the still watery fabrics, the water drops down on the dried fabric during the winding up. The top roller cleaning prevent the dropping of dirty water onto the clean and dry fabric.
  • F-Folding aid: The folding aid supports the folding of the fabric. After the fabric gets out of the machine dried and cleaned, it gets folded with the folding aid. The speed is adjustable with a foot pedal.
  • S-Dirt tub for loading area: The dirt tub is a tub in front of the machine which is filled with water and detergent. The fabric gets soaked before the washing process so it is easier to wash the fabric. The SKP GmbH advises the tub only limited cause it causes a bigger water consumption.

SKP Tent Washing Machines – the reliability and the durability of the SKP washing machines cannot be beaten. The 6000 series is designed  for cleaning roof sheets up to six meters (20′) as well as simultaneous cleaning of two 3-meter wide sidewalls or tops.  For years, the PR6000 has been the industry standard for cleaning and drying PVC tarpaulins. The PR6000 is also suitable for cleaning pagoda tarpaulins up to five meters, to a limited extent even up to six meters.


  • Type of control: semi-automatic / fully automatic
  • Processing width: 6.000mm
  • Operators: 1
  • Flow rate: 300 – 400 m²/h
  • Power supply: 63 A/ 400 V
  • Power consumption: 8 KWh
  • Water supply: 1″/ 3 bar
  • Water consumption: 240 Liter
  • Cycle time: 20 min
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 5.800mm x 3.200mm x 1.400mm / 4.200mm
  • Weight: 4.100kg
  • Drain connection: 100mm
Tent washing Machine
The new RC-Series from SKP – Drum tent washer

The drum washing system is offered as an addition to surface cleaning. The concept provides for less material to be cleaned more gently. The RC1400 works with several washes and thus offers efficient cleaning and above all rinsing.


  • Type of control: automatic
  • Operators: 1
  • 10 washing programmes
  • Up to three wash cycles
  • Parameter: duration, amount of water, speed, angle of rotation
  • Sliding gate
  • Viewing window in the front
  • Drum also partially rotatable
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 2.000mm x 2.000mm x 2.400mm
  • Weight: 1.500kg

Contact us today to see a SKP Tent Washing Machine in action and learn why this is the best investment you will make for your company and your personnel.  ROI savings are seen in one season alone.  In your off season, create a new revenue stream by washing tent tops from other companies as well as tarps from trucking companies.