Dome Series – Event and Glamping Domes

Shelter Structures America offers Domes to the US!

Shelter’s Dome Series Structures provide a wrinkle-free appearance and is available in a variety of sizes from 6m – 40m. Blackout or translucent or clear roof panels are available to meet your functionality. The Dome Series is designed to be quickly installed for permanent or temporary projects and can be relocated or expanded based on individual customer requirements.

20m Dome


  • Main Frame Material: Powder Coated Steel Pipe Q235 Φ26x2mm, Φ32x3mm, Φ42x3mm, Φ50x3mm; Aluminum Pipe is optional.
  • Cover Density: 850g/m² & 650g/m² PVC Fabric
  • Steel Components: Hot Galvanized Surface(>60urm)
  • Features: Fire retardant(DIN 4102 B1/M2); Weather resistant; Shock Resistant; Relocatable


DIAMETER RIDGE HEIGHT FRAME PIPE SIZE (MM) Row Seating Buffet Table Round Table Wind load
6m/ 20ft 3m/ 10ft Φ20×1.5 25 people 20 people 20 people 115 mph
10m/ 32ft 5m/ 16ft Φ32×2 70 people 65 people 65 people 115 mph
15m/ 50ft 7.5m/ 25ft Φ38×2 150 people 135 people 135 people 115 mph
20m/ 65ft 10m/ 32ft Φ48×3 250 people 225 people 225 people 115 mph
25m/ 82ft 12.5m/ 40ft Φ48×3 650 people 500 people 500 people 115 mph
30m/ 98ft 13m/ 42ft Φ60×3 750 people 650 people 600 people 115 mph
35m/ 115ft 14m/ 45ft Φ60×3 1,400 people 1,200 people 1,000 people 115 mph
40m/ 130ft 15m/ 50ft Φ76×4 2,800 people 2,500 people 2,200 people 115 mph


  • Modular, expandable, relocatable
  • Unobstructed clearspan space
  • Limited maintenance required
  • Snow shedding capabilities


  • Base plates with standard staking
  • Base Plates with Duck Bill
  • Poured Concrete Knee Walls
  • Poured Concrete Slabs
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Containers
  • Piers
  • Welded Augers


  • No footings required for most short-term installations


  • Doors
  • Clear fabric
  • Plexiglas – multiple color options


  • Studios
  • Retreats
  • Special Events
  • Concert Halls

Shelter PC Dome Frame Specification

SHELTER DOME not only provides PVC fabric domes and glass domes, but also provides PC domes for sale. Poly-carbonate panels for geodomes is versatile. It can be a greenhouse structure, backyard lounge hall, exhibition booth, sport facility and chill-out area etc. Due to Shelter PC dome constructions get good performance in seismic and weather resistance, they are popular in many outdoor occasions.

5m 19.63sqm Hard Pressed Extruded
Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6
Round Net Base;
Steel Connectors
Poly-carbonate Panel;
Aluminum Composite Panel;
Solar Panel.Shape:
Triangle Pieces.Color:
Dark Gray; Dark Green;
Blue; Black;
Tailor-made Colors.
Standard Triangle
Windows On The Top
Ceiling; Operable
Windows On The Sides.
6m 28.26sqm
7m 38.48sqm
8m 50.24sqm
9m 63.59sqm
10m 78.50sqm
15m 176.6sqm
20m 314sqm
25m 490.6sqm
30m 706.5sqm
6m Glamping Dome – Geodesic Dome


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