P-Series Tent

Shelter High Peak Tent Structures

P-Series Tent: Shelter Structures America

Shelter’s P-Series Tents product provides a wrinkle-free appearance and is available in a variety of widths from 3m to 10m. Blackout or translucent roof panels are available to meet your functionality. The P Series tent is designed to be quickly installed for permanent or temporary projects and can be relocated or expanded based on individual customer requirements.



  • Aluminum frame
  • Sizes – 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m, 6m x 6m, 8m x 8m, 10m x 10m
  • 2.6m standard leg height
  • 63 x 63 x 2mm, 122 x 68 x 3mm
  • Square Tents – can be connected, high peaks
  • 850gm PVC- coated  flame retardant fabric
  • Designed to meet or exceed local building codes for all seismic and wind load requirements


  • Relocatable
  • Unobstructed clearspan space
  • Limited maintenance required
  • Square
  • Snow shedding capabilities


  • Doors
  • Window Walls
  • Glass & Hard Walls
  • Liners and insulation
  • Lighting Packages
  • HVAC Packages
  • Complete or partial walls.


  • Festivals
  • Events
  • Shade Structures
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
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