SKP Tent Technology

SKP Tent Technology

SKP Tent Technology

SKP GMBH is the leading manufacturer of technology designed for the tent and event rental industry. There are many key concerns for growing event rental companies, including labor efficiency, maintaining product quality, and overall inventory management. From talking with industry experts and up and coming event rental companies, these concerns are foremost critical across the board. SKP products are designed to help event rental companies approach these key concerns with state of the art technology.


Tent Master – Roof Pulling Machine

The Tent Master is considered one of the most advanced tent roof pulling machines in the market today. With the ability to pull roof panels on 60m tents, the Tent Master is extremely helpful when it comes to large tent installations. The easy-to-use Tent Master only needs 2-3 operators to effectively pull a rood panel, one operator on controlling the remote and two feeding the roof panel into the keder. This simple process allows you to effectively allocate your workflow on a project while also not tying up your heavy equipment such as a forklift.


The Tent Master is a product designed to help Tent Rental Companies become more efficient in their production cost and increasing job completion times.



SKP Tent Washers – Fully Automatic Fabric Cleaning Solutions

SKP offers multiple models of flat panels fabric tent washers designed to maintain product quality for the tent rental industry. The units include fully automatic systems which wash, dry and fold the fabric eliminating the need hand washing fabric. The SKP washers are ideal for large event and tent rental companies looking for an efficient method for cleaning fabric for tent structures.


SKP IDent System РRFID Solution for Inventory Management 

The SKP IDent system is designed to improve the overall efficiency of inventory management which includes a Nordic ID Scanning system with a specialized SKP Platform Interface available through our very own App. The SKP App is available on your smartphone or computer and provides up to date information on the status of your inventory. Each inventory item has a small RFID Tag attached which is connected to the SKP App platform. When the user scans the area, the item will appear and provide up to date information on the status of this item. This tool removes the need to go digging through a storage bin full of fabric or aluminum extrusions, all you need is to scan and the information will appear on your device. The SKP IDent system is a product made for all event rental companies looking to enhance the process of inventory management. The system is user-friendly and ready to be used in the warehouse or on-site during install.





Video: TentMaster in Action



Video: SKP Tent Washer


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