Temporary Warehouses

Warehouse Structures

Shelter Structures America provides its Clearspan products to industrial and warehouse markets throughout the world.

From a temporary facility to a semi-permanent structure Shelter provides several product lines to this industry.  The TFS, L-Series and Polygon series are the products of choice for long term applications.

Temporary & modular warehouse structures are used widely in industrial and military industries. With their outstanding features: relocatable construction, flexible capacity, rapid installation – Temporary Warehouse Structures provide a quick solution for the best price.

Temporary Warehouse Structures are Economical

Temporary Warehouse Structures can save you thousands in warehouse costs.  With a modular design, standardized components, and efficient installation techniques – Shelter warehouses can be set up in a rapid manner to meet your needs. Shelter has built thousands of square meters as a warehouse and workshop for Foxconn.

Frame Systems of Temporary Warehouse Structures

The heavy-duty frame system plays an important role in the safety of the warehouse tent. Shelter’s warehouse frame is made with hard-pressed aluminum alloy. Compare with traditional steel tent, aluminum frame structures can be more stable and durable in bad climates. The hardness of the Aluminum alloy 6061/T6 frame reaches 15HW. Each aluminum component is connected by steel connections – the life span of the warehouse frame can last over 20 years.

Professional Wall Systems & Roof Covers of Temporary Warehouse Structures

Standard PVC Sidewall is utilized for seasonal products or promotion goods. For a longer term or high value products Solid Sidewalls are used – ABS, Sandwich, and Steel.

  • PVC Fabric Side Walls – Waterproof, UV resistant
  • ABS Solid Wall – Chemical material resistant, strong hardness, lightweight, scratch-resistant.
  • Sandwich Panel – Climate-control features, scratch-resistant
  • Steel – Security, scratch-resistant
  • Thermo Inflatable PVC Gable & Roofs – Heat resistant, UV resistant, waterproof




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