Shelter Double Decker Series

Double Decker L-Series Shelter Clearspan tent structure
Custom Double Decker Solution Tent Structure

Shelter Double Decker Series Tent Structure from Shelter are the affordable solution for your clearspan tenting needs. Built from high quality aluminum & fabric! The Shelter Double Decker tent structures are the affordable solution to your large tent needs.  Available with white, clear or window walls the quality of this product cannot be beat.  Optional items such as clear roofs, glass walls and doors can dress up the Double Decker-Series to create a luxury solution to your tenting needs.  

Double Decker-Series Construction

Double Decker-Series Tent Structures from Shelter comes in widths ranging from 10m, 15m, 20m and 30m – all standard.  The Double Decker-Series Tent Structures are manufactured in our ISO9001 factory. Our standard Tent Fabric is White coated blackout – 850 gram/sqm – Gables, roofs and walls.  The frame is constructed from 6061/T6 Aluminum and galvanized steel with the profiles for the L-Series of  300mm x 120mm or 350mm x 120m.  Our tent structures come standard with Fabric Bags, Wallbars, Double Headed stakes, Side Walls with high grade / quality laces, tiebacks and grommets.

Shelter Double Decker-Series Tent Structures are used for sporting events, from golf tournaments to racetracks and from trade shows to fairgrounds.  Available with fabric walls, glass walls, hardwall, doors and other accessories the versatility of the Shelter Double Decker-Series is seen throughout the industry.  

Sports Venues, Hospitality Suites, Stadium Tents
Tents used for Suites at the LA Coliseum for NFL Football, USC Football and Soccer Games

ROI – High investment, high return.

The Double Decker-Series Clearspan tent structure is used as a specialty tent for most rental companies, the Double Decker-Series requires a large investment – but most companies see a good ROI over a season of play.   The Shelter Double Decker-Series Tent Structure is the affordable choice for those who need a two story engineered structure.  Whether it is a new structure, additional tent structures or as well replacement tents for those structures, the Double Decker-Series gets it done at an affordable price point.   Standing out from the crowd, the Shelter Double Decker-Series family allows for Glass, hardwall, insulated wall and door installation standard, no more making it work.  Purchase a quality system from the leader in affordable Clearspan tent products.