"Whether Mother Nature hands us a natural disaster or a pandemic rocks the globe, temporary structures offer reliable options to bring safe and secure resources to the public. "


Shelter Structures Provides Emergency Support in Disasters

Shelter Structures America was recently featured in an industry magazine for our innovative tent structures designed for first response and disaster relief situations. The company is ready to provide support to teams in times of crisis. Offering various tent structures, from military applications to first response and disaster relief operations, Shelter Structures America can cater to diverse needs such as harsh terrains, remote areas, long-term housing, command centers, and more.

A-Frame Clearspan Strength

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Because of their versatility, A-frames can be deployed for all manner of purposes. Shelter Structures America disaster relief tents are mainly used for emergency services, military and first response.

Fast Response

“What is required of structures used for such purposes is quick deployment and the ability to tolerate demanding conditions”, says Keith Krzeminski, executive vice president of Shelter Structures America. 

Disaster Relief
military clinic temporary medical station army base camp tent camp tent warehouse 30
Military Basecamp 2

Disaster relief

Emergency first response



Sports and more

Full Base Communities

If your requirements include climate-controlled space, added rooms or segments, or if you need extra high ridge heights for large equipment, Shelter Structures modules are expandable and customizable.

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About Shelter Structures America Inc.

Shelter Structures America Inc. manufactures and distributes Shelter tent structures, Glitzcamp glamping tents, Shelter event furniture and SKP tent washing in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Shelter brings intelligent temporary structure solutions to the event, tent, hospitality and glamping industries by offering a wide range of clear span and glamping tents, geodesic domes, event equipment and furniture.  Shelter Structures maintains distribution centers in Los Angeles and Chicago with offices located in Los Angeles, Virginia and Florida. For more information please visit shelterstructuresamerica.com.

For more information please visit sheltereventequipment.com.

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